International Observers

Duties of international observation missions:

1-Respecting the laws of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan as well as national authorities, including the IEC, and following instructions issued by the IEC.

2-Seeking cooperation with the IEC and other relevant state bodies.

3-Refraining from obstructing the election process.

4-Observance the principles of professionalism, neutrality and impartiality.

5-Ensuring that observers follow the principles reflected in the Code of Conduct for International Election Observers and the instructions issued by the IEC.

6-Holding and showing the accreditation cards issued by IEC.


Rights of electoral observers groups:

International electoral observers groups shall have the right to:

1-Observe, without impediment, all stages of the election process.

2-Consult with different persons concerned with the electoral process. This includes electoral officials at all levels, representatives of relevant legislative bodies, government and security officials, representatives of political parties and organizations and persons that have sought to compete in the elections (including those who are qualified as candidates in the elections, who weren’t qualified as candidates and those who have withdrawn from candidacy),  those who abstained from participation in the elections, press working in broadcasting the news, domestic observer groups, and other organizations and persons that are interested and/or involved in the electoral process.

3-Receive country-wide accreditation cards allowing for freedom of movement and the ability to observe the elections in all parts of the country without geographic restrictions.

4-Issue, without interference, public statements and reports concerning their findings and recommendations about election related processes and developments.

5-Decide, without undue interference and within the requirements set out in these instructions, on the composition, size and timeframe of their observation missions.

6-Conduct freely and without undue interference their observation activities, within the limits provided by law and relevant IEC instructions in this regard.


The conditions that shall be satisfied by the organization that desire to form an international mission to observe the parliamentary elections:

It is conditioned that the government and nongovernment organizations and institutions that desire to observe the electoral process shall be experienced in election observation or human rights, democracy and good governance work.

Conditions that shall be fulfilled by the international observers required to be accredited to participate in the intentional observation mission:

As a rule, only observers who are part of an accredited electoral observer group will be allowed access to observe the electoral process. However, in exceptional cases, individuals and/ or

delegations not affiliated with accredited international observer groups can be accredited by the guests.  


The international observer nominated for participation in the intentional observation missions shall fulfill the following conditions:

He shall be at least 18 years of age on the day on which candidacy is submitted-

He shall sign a pledge to follow the International Code of Conduct for International Observers-

He shall be a member of only one international electoral observer group’s observation team-


The Termination of the accreditation;

IEC shall have the right to reject the accreditation of the organizations and individuals that don’t meet the above standards. In addition, IEC shall reserve its right to cancel the accreditation of the organizations and individuals, who breach Jordanian Law, the related executive instructions and the code of conduct of the international observers.