Local Observers

Local observers:

-IEC considers observers an important part of its guarantee of the integrity of the electoral process; therefore, IEC facilitates their work and follows the sharing approach with them.

-The conditions for the accreditation of local observers.

-The conditions that should be fulfilled by CSOs/ alliances who wish to observe the elections:

The CSO shall be incorporated by virtue of the law provisions or registered at one of the official Jordanian institutions according to the applicable legislations-

It shall have no financial, organizational or administrative dependence on any of the political parties participating in the elections-

In case the CSO wants to observe the electoral process unaided by others, no member of its Board of directors or any employee shall be a candidate in the elections, and none of them shall have- 

a close family relationship with any candidate in the elections. As for alliances, the same criterion applies on each CSO represented in the alliance

The conditions stipulated above shall apply to each CSO member in an alliance-


The conditions that should be fulfilled by the female/male observer required to be accredited by the CSO:

.He/She should be a holder of the Jordanian nationality-

.He/She should be 18 years old according to the date specified to calculate the voter's age-

.He/She shall abide by the Code of Conduct of the observation process which conforms to the international principles of impartial observation elections by the CSOs/ alliances-

.The observer’s name should not be listed in more than one list submitted by CSOs-


Termination of Accreditation:

  • IEC shall have the right to terminate the accreditation of any observer who violates the provisions of laws and procedures stipulated in the accreditation of observers and the special code of conduct for observers in coordination and consultations with the CSO. It shall notify the CSO / alliance’s liaison officer or the CSO or the alliance itself of its termination decision. The CSO shall accordingly return the accreditation card immediately to IEC.
  •   Any CSO shall have the right to terminate the accreditation of one or more of its local observers for the same reasons mentioned above. It shall notify the IEC in writing of its decision and shall return the accreditation card/s to the IEC.

Independent Election Commission Executive Instructions Number 3 of 2016 .