IEC considers the media as one of the fundamental tools of communicating with citizens and informing them of the events related to the electoral process. Out of belief of the Commission that the commitment to submitting correct and meaningful information to the mass media enhances the principles of transparency, integrity and freedom of expression, in harmony with the principles of IEC and the international standards in the field of supervising and administrating the elections, the IEC has committed to openness to all mass media. IEC is also concerned with finding a real and effective partner in the electoral process, and facilitating the continued consultation between both parties to make the electoral process a success and ensure the right to procure information.

IEC is interested in organizing consultative meetings with representatives of local media institutions to examine the execution instructions for the accreditation of the press, media, and workers at media institutions to cover the events of the electoral process.

According to the executive instructions thereof, IEC is concerned with facilitating the tasks of the press and media people in covering the electoral process from all aspects by accrediting them and handing them over special cards for such purpose. In addition to filling a form and signing the code of conduct, the press and media institutions are required to present letters from their entities stating that the newsman is employed and include recent personal images on a CD. In addition, a list of names of the newsmen, photographers and  technicians intended to be accredited shall be submitted. The CEO provides the possibility of presenting the applications electronically by uploading the application form, required documents, and the code of conduct that shall be signed

by the press and media people on IEC's website Thereby, the media representatives can print the form and code of conduct, fill and send them via email: (