IEC Announces Next Upcoming Election

13 Feb 2017


The IEC officially announced on Monday, February 13th that the next Municipal and Governorate Council elections will be held on August 15th, 2017. The Governorate Councils are a component of the government involved with legal, financial and administrative affairs. The primary responsibilities of these councils are endorsing and executing strategic plans, budgets, and infrastructure and service projects.

This step- officially announcing the election- is one of many different steps outlined in Article 34 of the Municipalities Law and Article 12 of the Decentralization Law that are required prior to conducting an election. First the law outlines that the Cabinet must decide to conduct the election and inform the IEC of the decision. Correspondingly, on Sunday, there was meeting between His Majesty King Abdullah and the President of the IEC, Khaled Kalaldeh, in which the King directed the Commission to move forward with the election cycle. In this meeting the King also emphasized the importance of increasing awareness about the decentralization initiatives in Jordan and the election process.

After being instructed to execute the election, the IEC must set the date of the election and formally announce the upcoming election in the Official Gazette. The announcement that occurred on February 13th served as the formal announcement of the election. Over the course of the next 6 months, the IEC will execute all stages of the election process and continue spreading awareness about the election throughout Jordan and the international community at large.

In order to best support the IEC throughout the next election cycle and aid them in conducting the elections with the highest amount of integrity and transparency possible, the Council of Ministers announced on Monday their decision to form a new Ministerial Committee solely dedicated to supporting the IEC.


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