Where to Vote

How do I figure out which polling center I should go to?

Within the first month after the election is announced, head to the IEC website to determine your polling center.

Where can I find the locations of all polling centers?

You can find the locations of all polling centers broken down by districts, in Arabic only, by using the following link: http://iec.jo/sites/default/files/election_centers_0.pdf

How many electoral districts are there in Jordan? How were these districts set?

The 2016 By-law No 75 on Electoral Districts divided the Kingdom into 23 electoral districts. Each governorate is a district except Amman (divided into five electoral districts), Irbid governorate (divided into four districts) and Zarqaa governorate (divided into two districts). In addition, three Badia regions (North, center and South) were also each established as electoral districts.

How many polling centers are there? How were their locations determined?

There were 1483 polling centers during the 2016 elections. They were determined based on the number and geographic locations of voters as well as an assessment of the centers' suitability to receive voters and to establish the needed electronic support.

What is the maximum number of voters assigned to any of the polling centers?

The voters were assigned by the CSPD based on place of residence. The minimum number assigned for each polling station is 55 and the maximum number is 2001.