IEC meets with Jordan University's Center for Strategic Studies

13 Oct 2016

13 October 2016

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) has held a consultative meeting with representatives of the “Development of Leadership and Institutional Skills for Syrian Refugees in Preparation for the Interim Period of Post-war Syria" Programme.

The programme is run by Jordan University's Centre for Strategic Studies in cooperation with the European Union (EU) and the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation Development (AECID).

The IEC's Secretary General, Dr. Ali Darabkeh, emphasized the importance of the meeting especially as it comes after the IEC's administration of the 2016 parliamentary elections.

During the meeting, Dr. Darabkeh outlined the history of the IEC since its establishment as a commission in charge of managing and supervising elections in Jordan. He emphasized that the IEC was one of the results of Jordan’s political reform efforts and that subsequent constitutional amendments had expanded the IEC's mandate to include the administration of municipal elections and any other election that the IEC is instructed to administer by the government.

Dr. Darabkeh also briefed participants on the IEC's key accomplishments to date as well as the challenges that the commission faced in administering the recent parliamentary elections.

The meeting also included a presentation by the IEC's Coordinator for Election Operations, Dr. Awaad Karadsheh, which covered a detailed account of different stages of the electoral process including the mechanisms for polling and counting and result tabulation as well as the Commission’s procedures related to training, public outreach and setting up better polling and counting centers.  

He also outlined the IEC's main procedures to guarantee the integrity of the electoral process such as the use of indelible ink, producing ballot booklets with advanced security features and many others.

The meeting included an expanded discussion during which Darabkeh answered questions raised by the participants who paid tribute to the Commission’s efforts and its sound management of the recent elections in a way that restored the citizens’ trust in the electoral process.    


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