Honesty, Impartiality, Neutrality

Integrity guarantees


The Independent Electoral Commission has provided procedures to ensure fairness, transparency and neutrality during the election process, including:

1- Publishing the draft executive instructions before approving them on the website of the Commission and make comments thereon.

2- Pre-distribution of voters to polling rooms to prevent repeat voting.

3- Use special electoral ink.

4- Linking all polling stations, counting and marking the voter's name electronically and in paper.

5- Adopting a ballot book with signs that are difficult to falsify.

6- Adopting measures that conform to international standards, and ensure confidentiality of voting.

7- Sorting  ballot boxes in the same polling hall and in the presence of candidates and their representatives, local and international observers and the media.

8- Sorting is done in front of cameras.

9- Putting  a copy of the sorting minutes on the door of the polling and counting hall.

10- Auditing  the results in two stages through the election committees and the Special Committee.

11- Determine the ceiling of electoral campaigns and disclose sources of funding and objects of expenditure during the election campaigns.

12- Implementing  an extensive awareness and education campaign targeting all groups.

13- Opening up to the partners of the electoral process and strengthening the supervisory work with the supervisory bodies.