Al-Kalaldeh: IEC Seeks Building a Base of University Students’ Volunteers for the Electoral Process

7 Oct 2018

Publication date: 7 October, 2018

First meeting between IEC and the university was held today at the University of Jordan under the title: “Partners in the Electoral Process”, aiming at building a base of volunteers from the university students.

Dr. Khaled Kalaldeh, Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of IEC, with the presence of the President of the University Dr. Abdel-Karim Al-Qudah and the faculty members, has confirmed that this meeting is part of a series of meetings that will be conducted by IEC with the university students and the electoral process partners under the initiative of (Our Homeland is Our Concern) that was launched today.

Al-Kalaldeh pointed out the role of volunteers in the success of the electoral process in all its phases and that this initiative will enhance the students’ trust in the electoral process. He also emphasized that IEC is ready to cooperate with the Jordanian universities’ administrations and to invest in the youth capacities to engage them in the political life in general and in elections in particular.

During a talk with Dr. Mohammed Al-Katatsheh, Dean of Prince Al Hussein Bin Abdullah II School of International Studies, Al-Kalaldeh commented that the youth are required to prove their presence on the political map though taking place in the democratic scene in order to participate in pushing the wheel of political reform.  

At the end of the meeting, an extended discussion was held in which Al-Kalaldeh has answered the questions and inquires of the audience  

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