Memorandum of Understanding between the Independent Electoral Commission and the Romanian Electoral Authority

8 Mar 2018

The Independent Electoral Commission and the Permanent Electoral Authority of Romania signed a memorandum of understanding and joint cooperation in the presence of the Board of Commissioners, the General Secretariat of the Commission and the Romanian Ambassador in Amman.

According to Dr. Khaled Al-Kalaldeh, Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the Independent Electoral Commission, this agreement aims at strengthening the relations between the two parties, and enhancing prospects for bilateral cooperation in the fields of electoral knowledge management, exchange of information and experiences, consultation and organization in electoral matters.

Al-Kalaldeh added; during the signing of the agreement, ways of encouraging joint actions were  discussed in the fields of staff training, production and distribution of materials related to the organization of the electoral process, voting technology, voters’ education and awareness, participation of women and people of special needs and security guarantees in the electoral process. Moreover, facilitating visits exchange between both parties for research purposes.

The two parties pledged to put a 10-year long-term work plan under which Romania's permanent electoral authority would support the Independent Electoral Commission in Jordan and to invest this support in the establishment of the Electoral Institute of Jordan.

     The agreement’s signing was also attended by the staff of women of the Independent Electoral Commission, in honor of the International Women's Day and in recognition of their efforts and achievements in all fields.

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