Independent Electoral Commission provided genuine guarantees for the integrity of the electoral process.

9 Oct 2017

Dr. Khalid Al-Kalaldeh, Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the Independent Electoral Commission, confirmed that the Commission provided guarantees of genuine integrity of the electoral process away from the brilliant slogans. Al-Kaladah said during a visit to the Independent Electoral Commission that the stability of Jordan in comparison to neighboring countries contributed greatly to the success of the electoral process, which enabled the Commission to hold three general elections in less than a year as a real challenge to the capacity of the Commission to manage the election process in accordance with the best international standards.

Al-Kaladah said that the Authority is keen to train its human cadres and build their capacity constantly to ensure their readiness to conduct any elections transparently, impartially and that it always aspires to benefit from international experiences through openness to the global electoral administrations and the transfer of experiences among them. He added that the Authority has previously signed a memorandum of understanding with the US Agency for International Development in Jordan to support the efforts of the Commission in establishing a regional training center specialized in elections. In turn, the delegation appreciated the efforts of the Independent Electoral Commission and its benefit from the technological development, which reflected positively on its management of the electoral process, in which he answered the questions and queries of the guests.

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