Al-Kalaldeh: The Media played the most prominent role in the success of the municipal elections and governorate councils.

26 Sep 2017

Dr. Khaled Al-Kalaldeh, Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the Independent Electoral Commission, stressed the importance of the role played by the media in educating citizens and in the success of the electoral process for the municipal elections and governorate  councils in all stages through adherence to professional and professional performance, bearing the national responsibility to enhance confidence in the electoral process and the resulting enhanced participation.

This came during a meeting held in the building of the Commission with a number of journalists and media professionals in order to evaluate the experience of the municipal elections and the governorate councils, and the role of the media body which took place on 15/8 / 2017.

Al Kalaldeh added that the Authority was keen on absolute cooperation and full communication with the media through regular meetings,  and discussing the draft executive instructions for the media, which would serve the electoral process and enhance the credibility of the voter, stressing the success of the media openness policy adopted by the Commission, and based on the initiative to communicate with the media and answer all questions transparently. During the meeting, an extensive discussion was held, in which journalists presented a number of observations aimed at improving the electoral process in the future.

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