About us

Overview of IEC

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) is the independent Jordanian organization that conducts the democratic elections of Jordan at all levels of government. The IEC was imagined, birthed and developed in a record amount of time. Created in May 2012 as part of the comprehensive political reforms that His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al-Hussein initiated, the IEC administered its first election in early 2013 for the 17th Jordanian Council of Representatives. The IEC aims to maintain the highest levels of transparency, integrity and impartiality in the management of various electoral processes, thus ensuring the confidence of Jordanians and the international community at large.


To excel as an administrator of Jordanian Elections in a manner that enjoys the trust of citizens and electoral stakeholders.


The IEC strives to administer the elections of Jordan with the utmost transparency and impartiality thus furthering the continued democratization and decentralization of the state. By communicating openly with the public and executing informative campaigns, the IEC also aims to increase awareness of the importance of political participation amongst Jordanian citizens.

Key Values

  • Independence and Impartiality: Make decisions and adopt procedures freely and fairly without any interference or influence from any other party.
  • Equality: Ensure that all citizens and international partners have equal access to opportunities and information without discrimination.
  • Transparency and Accountability: Ensure work procedures are clear and documented, and make all information related to the work of the commission available to all parties. 

Organization Structure

ّFull details of the Roles and Responsibilities of each Department can be found here.